A schoolyard game occasionally practiced by inebriated or simply bored adults.

The object of the game is to swing your arm out in the motion of a swaying elephant's trunk and make sharp contact with the opponent's genitals. Only males can be targets for the game, making female participation undesirable as revenge attacks ar impossible.

The hand must be kept open, with fingers outstretched. Fists are considered bad form and can result in punishment of the offending party by stacks on or simple punching.

Extra status is awarded to those who achieve particularly difficult shots, such as hitting the very tip of the penis with the very tip of the fingers (which causes an uncommonly sharp pain).
Burgo's arm swung out like the trunk of a rampaging bull elephant. It was a blur, almost too fast for the human eye to see. Justin crumpled as the shock spread with lightning speed from his testicles throughout his entire body. All men within eyesight guarded their genitals and winced in sympathy.

This was the power of the Elephant. No man was safe from it's fury.
by Shampyon November 18, 2006
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When you pull your pockets and cock out.
(after pulling your pockets and cock out) Hey Joe check out this elephant.
by Chadwick Meriweather III January 26, 2005
A large grey animal from africa and asia.
I went to see the elephant at the zoo today
by Jojo August 09, 2004
A big grey animal which features in the phrase elephant in the room. Here it can mean anything you like that reminds you of an elephant in a confined space, such as:

1) A thing that's big, really big, and everybody is embarassed by the sight of it, so they pretend it isn't there: maybe it will go away.
2) Something so big you can think of nothing else but it.
3) A thing too big to fit, but after a while you get used to it, maybe even get to like it; it defines a scary new lifestyle.

All of these describe teenage obsessions, hence the title of Gus van Sant's teenage obsession movie Elephant.
"Elephant, what elephant?"
"I'd like two eggs and an elephant, please. Oops, sorry, I meant two eggs and a sausage"
"Please be gentle, this is my first time with an elephant"
by strawbez-jez July 27, 2007
A blunt. Comes from L, like the first part of elephant. Used in new jeruz, especially by rapper GDP
I took three elephants to the face, shit was loose
by paulblake2 July 09, 2010

If trained right, can be used to smash things. Enemy things.

"Honey! The neighbors parked in front of our driveway agian."
*Husband smirks*
by ThePinkMenace July 14, 2009
very large pink animals which come into your home uninvited drink all ur coffee then spill it on your new cream carpet
the ones who attacked bransholme......bastards
by unknown March 11, 2004
Any quite large person that lives the floor above you and is loud all the time. They must be watched all the time and fed quite frequently.
The elephants are quite loud today... maybe they're mating.
by idil wild girl October 01, 2007
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