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When someone says "nevermind" or "it doesn't matter", leaving you to wallow in your ignorance, forever wondering what it was they decided not to say.

Like when someone tells you NOT to think of an elephant, you think of an elephant.
-Oh my god, you know what's the most amazing thing ever?
-Oh, nevermind. It doesn't matter.
-Dude, elephant syndrome here! You're gonna kill me.
by ScarletNightingale January 10, 2011
When a person (usually a woman) wears a pair of pants that are tight everywhere, except for her ass. The remaining maretial then appears sloppy and loose, like the skin on an elephant's ass.
"Sudana can't fill out her Applebottoms."
"Yeah, she sufferin from elephant syndrome."
by Helljin December 15, 2005
A dismissive attitude toward a phenomenon that is known to be real, but cannot be explained. Due to the inability to explain something, a person will naturally choose to not think about it further. It's a shut off valve in the brain that happens when a conclusion cannot be reached. Those who choose to pursue the Elephant Syndrom are perceived as obsessive by the mainstream who simply accept it with no explanation.
His Elephant Syndrome made choose to forget why that ghost appeared to him.
by mmemagnus January 03, 2011
When a person (usually female) once had a larger than average booty and then lost it, which is followed by her still wearing the old clothes which had been streched to fit the original ass, leaving loose material around the bum resembling an elephant rear.

Sometimes when you see one of these people it's best to ask them if they are aware that they've lost their rump.
"April still wears those old ass jeans?"
"Yeah, it's sad, elephant syndrome strikes again."
by Helljin December 18, 2005
When bigger, larger people are afraid of smaller more agile people, despite having superior strength. Just as elephants are known to be afraid of mice and men.
Jeff: Dude, Lil Tony said he was afraid to fight Big Sam tomorrow, after lunch.
Allen: I wouldn't be, man, everyone knows Big Sam has a serious case of 'Elephant Syndrome'!
by Jeff Steinburg April 26, 2016
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