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means "i love u"...when said silently from a distance looks like u are saying i love you
elephant shoes
by annoyomous July 12, 2003
I remember this from kidhood. If you mouth the words elephant shoe at someone then it looks like you're mouthing "i love you". bless.
"elephant shoe" mouthed slowly out of the window of a bus departing.
by bigwillch February 20, 2005
I love you too, : in response to Olive juice.
by Nicole September 26, 2003
A term that came about between a coal burner and a nigga one day when the sub-urban female attempted to tell her urban companion the words 'I Love You', the urban male did not understand the proper English language, and he thought she said 'Elephant Shoes'.
Coal Burner: "Like, OMG Totally, I totally think you are sooo totally cool Tyrone, you like totally rock! Like OMGOSH, skizzankx!!!"
Nigga: "Yea bitch."
Coal Burner: "Omg, Like, I Love You!"
Nigga: "Wtf Bitch?? Elephant Shoes? Shheeeeeiiiit."
Coal Burner: "Nooo Tyrone, you silly, I said 'I Love You'"
Nigga: "Shit, quit talkin bout them damn elephants n shit, trippin ass biatch."
by Forgive_My_Sins October 23, 2006
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