1. (n) similar to perfection, this girl embodies all that is good in the world. intellect, beauty, grace, elegance, and joy absolutely illuminate from her. truly perfection.

2. (n) a serene, pure, and pleasant female who can always put a smile on your face and warthm in your heart. with cute faint freckles, an adorable face, luscious lips, and an irresistable smile that makes you melt inside, no other female can surpass her. she is everything.

see perfection, beauty, serenity.
I love my Elena. She is everything I want and everything i need.
by undercoverlover December 03, 2005
The girl who lets me rest within her heart and will love me even when I am revealed as so broken. The girl whose arms I should never leave.
Elena is the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place.
by Elena of the Sea May 10, 2004
a beautiful, caring, loving lady
she's so sweet, her name must be Elena
by mosaiclover February 05, 2010
is ancient name which meaning is light, rays of light, sun and moon light.

One theory of its origin is from the Ancient Greek Goddess of the moon light X(H)elena who walks in dark paths and searches for lost travelers.
The name is also known by Helen (Elena) of Troy. So often it is considered a good omen for the baby girl to bear this particular name.
Elena of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.
by lenival May 15, 2010
Sweet, Kind, and Nice. A common girls name.

Greek= Female Variant of Helen: Shining light. The bright one.

Spanish Female Shining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
Italian Female Shining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
Greek Female Variant of Helen: Shining light. The bright one.
by Rex114170 June 25, 2009
A Beautiful woman, with a big heart. Who's smile makes you smile no matter what, who's big brown eyes always get what they want. She's caring, funny, adorable and the best person you could ever meet. She's loved by everyone (though she doesn't realize it) and is the most unselfish person I have ever met.

Elena J you are the best!!!
You thinking: Oh Elena is smiling, I can't help but smile too.
by HRSN#1 November 05, 2011
a female name,actually MY name:D
it means "light" in greek,as a friend of my dad that lives in greece asked him to name me.
I didn`t liked my name at first but now i`m completely at peace with it:)
My name is Elena(Helen)
by helen.of.troy January 18, 2009
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