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an innocent and hopeless crush on someone. Almost like infatuation, but not as serious; when you can't stop thinking about that person. wherever and whatever you do, you want that person with you. Just the thought of them makes you smile. just like a crush in elementary.
person #1- I don't exactly like him.. and being "interested" or "infatuated" isn't the right word for this, but I can't stop thinking about him and EVERYTIME I see something related to couples stuff, he pops up in my head.
person #2- So you have an elementary crush?

person #1- YESS THAT!
by Erika Brooks June 27, 2014

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When someone has extreme affections for girl/boy when he/she
thinks it's too early to have a crush.
Bob: Y'know the guy who always gets awkward when someone talks about girls?
Fred: Steve?
Bob: Yeah. He has a total elementary crush on Sarah.
by Elementary Crushed August 25, 2009