The results of a violent, messy collision or mishap involving the entanglement of two or more persons
Around that last turn I ran into some snowboarder and it was elbows and assholes down the rest of the friggen mountain.
by skid mark vz September 06, 2007
Top Definition
What a construction supervisor says when s/he wants everyone to work harder.
"This foundation isn't going to dig itself! All I want to see is elbows and assholes people!"
by persnickety twit October 30, 2004
What you see as people are leaving work, school, or getting out of any situation in a quick manner.
1. At quiting time everyone leaves work as fast as possible, and all that I saw was elbows and assholes.

2. Because people are running away from you, all you can see is their assholes and their elbows.
by Freddy the Freeloader September 14, 2010
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