1. To drink adult beverages
Hell yeah, I could use a drink or twenty. Let's do some elbow bending!
by Berry817 October 25, 2010
Top Definition
drinking (this term comes from the arm motion that one must make in order to bring the bottle to the mouth).

VARIATIONS: bending elbows, bending some elbows, bending the old elbow, bending da ol' elbow, elbizzow bendizzo, etc.
Bob: "What up Jimmy let's go elbow-bending with good ol' Jack Daniels."
Jimmy: "Shut up. Your mom wants to go elbow-bending."
Bob: "I think you mean your mom, and that's called knee-bending."
Jimmy: "Yeah you're right. What a whore."
Bob: "Oh that reminds me, I owe her $3.75. Give this to her."
Jimmy: "OK, no problem."
by Nick D September 21, 2003

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