1. To drink adult beverages
Hell yeah, I could use a drink or twenty. Let's do some elbow bending!
by Berry817 October 25, 2010
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drinking (this term comes from the arm motion that one must make in order to bring the bottle to the mouth).

VARIATIONS: bending elbows, bending some elbows, bending the old elbow, bending da ol' elbow, elbizzow bendizzo, etc.
Bob: "What up Jimmy let's go elbow-bending with good ol' Jack Daniels."
Jimmy: "Shut up. Your mom wants to go elbow-bending."
Bob: "I think you mean your mom, and that's called knee-bending."
Jimmy: "Yeah you're right. What a whore."
Bob: "Oh that reminds me, I owe her $3.75. Give this to her."
Jimmy: "OK, no problem."
by Nick D September 21, 2003

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