A game where you grab someone's elbow when it is bent, the objective is to get the coolest/best/most bent elbow (not the most).
But the you can only get an elbow by grabbing an bent elbow.
(Charlie grabs John's elbow)
Charlie: Elbow!
John: Oh, fuck
Charlie's Friend: That was a sick elbow, it was well bent.
by The Creator of Elbow May 30, 2011
Referred to as 'rhino skin'

When people are told "you can not lick your elbow" natural instinct is that they try to.
The man's elbows were flabby.
by Blehzish June 16, 2004
The joint that holds a paintball holder to the paintball gun.
I lost my elbow. OH NO
by TekNo May 28, 2004
A term commonly used for people who are seen by others doing alot of standing around at work on the production floor. Every time someone spots an "elbows", they are doing nothing but observing while leaning against something with their elbow. They lean so often on things in order to watch others work, that calisuses form on their elbows.
Damn, that guy Bob stands around so much that everyone calls him "Elbows" now. He leans up against anything all day long to make sure that it doesn't disappear. I believe that his purpose is to make sure that giant machinery doesn't grow feet and walk away while nobody is looking.
by Ellis McSponge October 13, 2011
1. In reference to ones gun.

"Nah, I didnt get the chance to squeeze the elbow."
by Pagocks April 27, 2006
a short chunky kid, who likes taking it in the ass. pissed extrmely angry and gets hurt everyday, the gayist
this test is so elbow, wait, nah u cant beat elbow
by Kishan Patel April 28, 2005
adj. n.

Oftentimes used as a synonym for the word butt. Contains derogatory connotations when used as an adjective and is generally considered an insult. Can also be used as a noun.
You elbow, you shot my dog!

Shoot man, last night was so crazy - she let me stick it in her elbow!
by chinaman July 07, 2005

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