a wicked group of five guys making fucking great music.
Guy,Pete,Jupp,Craig and Mark of elbow are lovely blokes.
by hippygirl August 14, 2005
A discreet way of saying and/or pointing out a lesbian to another, whether it be for laughs or just a general notification.

NOTE: Using your actual elbow to point out the previously mentioned lesbo makes the strategy even more flawless because if any bystanders or the lesbian hears you and looks over they think your just talking about your elbow.

Lesbo= L Bo = Elbow
"Yo man check out that elbow!! haha "
"Dam i wish my mustache was that badass"
by Evangeee August 28, 2010
adj. another term for "bad" usually as in a thing. syn. of wack, booty, garbage, booboo, huff, weak, etc.

Those who didn't grow up in Southern California may not be familiar with this sense of the term.
Man, that movie was elbow, don't even waste your money on a bootleg of it!

Common's last album was elbow, he gotta come correct next time or he's finished!
by Kuahmel December 21, 2009
life in prison. the letter L is shaped like an elbow
he got an elbow for the robbery when he went to court.
by Brazzilia February 11, 2009
1. One of the true biological weapons that a human possesses. An elbow is a pointed concentration of hardened calcium that primarily acts as a joint at a simple hinge. In martial arts/boxing: the elbow is a true show-stopper that can have the head-splitting power of a baton. It's like having a short-range baseball bat wherever you walk. The eblow is also one of the coveted powers of Muay Thai.

2. A form of macaroni featuring the shape of a bent, stout arm. A tiny, hollow, bent pipe of bread commonly known as macaroni pasta.
1. The girl sent Joe to the hospital with an elbow across the temple.

2. Unfortunately, he was out of the elbow form. Being the lazy moron is, he cooked the mac'n'cheese with spagetti noodles instead of the elbow pasta.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
a joint between your upper arm and forearm where you can bend, usually not backwards.
My elbow is dirty;I need to scrub it.
by Lauren November 12, 2004
a really fucking good band. not many people like them but they should. they are like coldplay with more originality. mmmmm elbow.
somewhere in the dustbowl, somewhere in the dustbowl, it fliies from
the other side of the woooorld.
by rathsangatas drink October 29, 2004

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