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1)the act of acidentally ramming one's elbow into a female's breast; sometimes thought of as the female equivalent of a guy getting kicked in the junk
"I turned around not knowing she was there and totally elboobed her dead-center on her titty, which subsequently caused her to have a purple nurple until the areoleal bruise went away."
by scottmichael April 11, 2009
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A tit to elbow connection on accident
*bumps into girls titties with elbow*
Girl:What the fuck whyd you elboob me?
by tonster8942 March 09, 2012
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Whenever someone accidentally or intentionally elbows you in the boob.
Jenny Elboobed me yesterday at Comicon in order to see David Tennet in person.
by Muffin6611 March 27, 2015
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