enjoys licking penises

Someone who is always looking to lick penises and often licks up to 50 penises a day
He is an elp, he's already on his knees and its not even noon.
by zach brown April 23, 2005
the most technically proficient mc in modern day rap. the most innovative and masterful producer in modern rap. former head of company flow, founder of definitive jux records.
"my name is el-p, i produce and i rap too" --tuned mass damper
by solid_servo April 12, 2004
An ELP (Earth-Like Planet) or, Terrestrial Planet, is a planet with a rocky surface with or without an inner molten core, and composed of silicate rocks. A solar system will have its terrestrial planets closest to it in orbit. These planets are, Earth-like.

ELPs, or Terrestrial Planets are markedly variant from other types of planets such as gas giants. ELPs are composed mostly of a mixture of helium, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
Kon: "I think that ELP over there is a nice piece of realestate. Lets invade now."

Purp: "I don't think the Royal Galactic High Council will approve of us invading that one. It's full of vermin."

Kon: "Ooooh those are just humans. They're tasty roasted."

Purp: "AUFK :o "
by James Kelly Williamson January 13, 2009
The day following a holiday. The opposite of 'eve'.
Brian: What are you doing for Christmas Elp?
Shelby: Pigging out on leftovers, that's what. 'Elp me to some more, guv'nah!
by Auletris27 October 15, 2013
elp: noun. a woman or man (usually women) who acts like an Entitled Little Pig... E.L.P. elps are usually very very stuck up, lousy in bed but think they're amazing in every way and expect people to treat them wonderful even when they're rude and ignorant
that bitch is such an elp. i wouldn't fuck her unless shes unconscious, thats how much her personality sucks
by THEWONDERFULTED September 23, 2012
An anciet clan that originated in africa.
They were a warrior clan best know for eating the penises of the animals they captured and drinking the animals sperm. This was believed to build muscle and to keep one healthy.
He must be part of the elp. Thats the third penis he's eatedn today.
by jack randolph April 23, 2005
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