Means “the pass,” and is the armpit of America and Texas. The 5th largest city in Texas with some 650,000 people or so along the border with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The city is unarguably among the poorest, most uneducated and dirtiest cities in the country and Texas, making it one of the worst places to live. There are very few good jobs and many people hardly have an education. This is why El Paso has more 99-cent stores than you could shake a stick at. Probably the only people who like living there are those who have lived there their entire life and don’t know anything else. It is the epitome of low class and could never be mistaken for places like San Fran, San Diego or Seattle. Most people are dirty, smelly, uneducated Chicanos who can hardly speak English—so little in fact that you cant even go up to the drive-through at Taco Bell or McDonalds without having to ask them repeat their words.

It has become a sprawling stain of ghettos, concrete, dirt, liqour stores, and angry people who wont hesitate to cut you off on the freeway and then have the audacity to yell at you in Spanish. Air pollution is becoming a big concern and the entire city is covered in a orange smog during rush hour. Many of El Paso’s new residents come to the city via walking across the Rio Grande River with nothing but the clothes on their back, making illegal immigration a HUGE issue.

El Paso is among the poorest, dirtiest and most polluted cities in America. I don’t know why it has such a low crime rate as poor and dirty as it is and practically part of Mexico.
El Paso is the perfect example of what illegal immigration will do to every large city in America if our nation’s “leaders” don’t tackle the problem now. The best view of this hellhole town is in the rearview mirror on I-10 headed toward Houston.
by krock1dk April 12, 2008
(1)a city in far west texas with jack shit to do. except juarez. which gets old fast.
He was a loser because he went to Franklin High School in El Paso, Texas.
by Judge Scott September 13, 2003
A bunch of beaners who flood walmart 24/7, are extremely rude, and wont go back to their own country. It's pretty much like a different country because all of the spics don't know how to speak a lick of English.
Instead of walmart, lets go to spic-mart in "el paso "
by Tamra22233 January 29, 2009
the only city ive ever lived in.
teh shib....depends on how you look at it.mostly hispanic people and shit so if you dont like that you better not come down here,bitch. theres alot of diff races here....
a crumbling metropolis spread over two countries,el Paso/juarez,j-town or go there to get drunk or high or whatever....its cool i guess. with some of the finest and sluttiest men and lots of slutty girls and hottest food in the country for real....i luv the fucking food....fucking good shit.
lots of strip joints low violent crime rate very cheap weed and drugs.....
urban and suburban at the same actually helps alot if you know some spanish....good spanish.very dry place......not much to do yet alot to do.............very dry gets hot here and alot of fucking dirt and no green anywhere..........
i live in el die if you got a problem,bitch. aka hell paso to some
-some teenage girl that had nothing else to do.
el paso.......?
gay town
cool town
*shrugs and walks off*
by el paso girl.... March 01, 2004
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