The host of my favorite radio show in Washington DC! See also hideout
Did you hear when El Jefe threw the rocks at J Dubs? That was greeeeeeet!
by SimGirl April 05, 2004
Top Definition
the boss, the chief, the big cheese. manager,
El Jefe will kick your ass if you come in late again!
by eljefe333 May 06, 2005
1. El primo de los matadors.

2. The master of the metaphor.

3. A chaw-chewin troubador.

4. The one you've come to love and adore.

See also: Clutch
The call me El Jefe, the boss, and the hitman.
And I've come to take you away.
by eephus October 07, 2005
A stupid mother fucker with huge asss hands and calves
You stupid mother fucker !! Why do you have huge hands and calves.
El jefe
by FuunkYouu January 06, 2012
The spanish version of Jeff Gann. Most of the time only comes out in clutch situations
"OMG this is a completely different Kronos we see here" *buzzer goes off*
Interviewer: Wow that was just amazing, how did you do it Jeff?
Kronos: Jeff is no more, this is El Jefe *evil grin*
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
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