Shitter of Ebay auctions
Your auction got ElCapitaned
by Monkster December 16, 2004
Top Definition
Captin Morgan's alcohol
"Heineken, shots of 151
and a bottle of what we call El Captain"
<i>El Capitan</i> by OPM
by LadyRachel March 14, 2004
The most racist school EVER
El Crap is racist
by penis October 05, 2003
DoD Legend, sex fiend of GNVQ
Moose Sexed El Capitan
by Nicko January 20, 2004
The name so commonly used for tim's penis, because it is just so commanding, like a captain.
Everywhere i look, I see the El capitan! it's just so big!
by kyra July 09, 2003

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