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City in East San Diego County, California. Absolutely crawling with violent, white-trash tweakers, homophobes, hardcore racists, and some unfortunate people of Mexican descent who can't afford to live anywhere else. If you've bought drugs in San Diego, they probably came from here. Fat girls in sweats are the rule, as is beating your wife/kids and fighting with police, neighbors or anyone else you think has "disrespected" you.
The rent is so high in Clairemont, I've been thinking about moving to El Cajon.

Are you shitting me?
by Sean Daugherty August 19, 2006
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El Cajon is a small city 15 minutes east of San Diego. It has experienced massive growth on the outskirts, while not reinvesting and allowing the center of the town to degrade. The density of low cost apartments attracts less than desirable citizens. Drugs, alcohol and crime have further negatively impacted the area. The parks were once an area to have a picnic with friends and family. Now, they are full of intimidating bums. Most people will only travel through to reach a casino.
El Cajon, that’s the anus of San Diego! (William Shatner, $#*! My Dad Says)
by Captain - Al January 26, 2011
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a horrible little turd town just east of san diego. its hot as fuck most of the year, its chock full of wife beaters and white trash, and the ones who have money are witless bros and bimbos.
if san diego county had an anus, el cajon is where it is.
by urban asshole February 19, 2010
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noun. A Ghetto ass place next to Mission Valley
Nane - El Cajon is the ghetto
Nene- true that i even live there.
by Brennie January 14, 2006
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someone who is very gay. for example, the type of girls you will see walking down mollison street or el cajon boulevard with their hair parted down the middle wearing a shirt that says '99% devil 1% angel'
that girl is so fucking el cajon, look at her el cajon pants with 'Baby Girl' on the butt.
by Errrrkkkkaaaaa March 05, 2009
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a good place to go bash some bros' heads and take their hoes
i hate those bros,lets go to el cajon and kick their whimmpy asses
by trukler July 10, 2008
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