1. Stands for 'efficiently lazy'.

2. Typically used in conversation when reffering to a style, approach and method to dealing with problems, solutions and troubleshooting.

3. To rapidly and precisly improve a way to do something in the simplest and most-less time consuming way.

4. Someone who does not like to waste time, yet is very good at doing a very precise and through job at any task or problem they approach. Instead of being constrained by a boundry, limit or obstacle; this person will create their own improved approach or work-around. This is typically a quality refferd to their programming style; "that person is EL".

5. Generally this person type procrastinates, sometimes whines a lot, but ultimately is valued for their skills and talent.
Example 1: Imagine a computer administrator (Fred), who needs to add a set of (15) users to multiple file-servers (50 or 60; in DNZ networks that cannot be administrated by central domains or NFS+ controllers) each with a username and password (all across the board/servers) with specific details about each user to be detailed with user account.. and so on.. Normally to accomplish a task like this would require a person to sit down to each box and or console/telnet to each system and manually type in this information at the specific server. An 'EL' person would build and/or script an application that create a repeatable/re-usable process to accomplish this task. That is being efficiently lazy; 'EL'.

Example 2: The creator(s) of the remote control is/was 'EL'.

Exmaple 3: The creator(s) of the Microwave are/were 'EL'.
by chaeseco May 28, 2003
Top Definition
AS indicated,a blunt..But specifically rolled from the wrapper of a store bought El Producto cigar
Yo spark up that el
by Benjamin May 30, 2004
Chicago's mass transit system. Its both elevated (hence where the name EL stems from) and subway. best damn train system in the US.
im takin the El to get to class
by chi-town baller December 28, 2004
Stands for Easy Life. Can be used as any form of speech. Coasting through life with not a worry in the world. Also, means taking the path of least resistance or just sitting around being lazy.
I made a decision...to live the EL!

Joe, you're quite possibly the biggest EL I have ever seen!

Yeah, I am just going home to EL and play some Xbox.
by therealEL April 05, 2011
1. With accent, "he" pronoun in Spanish.
2. Without accent, masculine article in Spanish.
3. Chicago elevated rail (subway) system
4. Any elevated subway
I live in Chicago, and ride to El to work.
by Chicago December 03, 2003
phillys elevated rail system. above ground from bridge and pratt to spring garden, below from 2nd street to somewhere in west philly where it goes above ground until 69th street
i took the el to work yesterday and a smelly ass old man sat next to me.
by illadelph March 08, 2006
An archaic name for God. Approximately means "the One," but is so ancient a term that it is always understood to mean God. Appears in different forms, including, El Elyon (God Most High), El Shaddai (God Almighty), etc.
El Shaddai, El Shaddai, El-Elyo na Adonai
by Grim Winnebago January 09, 2004
Precedent of any noun in mock Spanish.
Open el door-o, would you?
by Diggity Monkeez May 20, 2005
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