da best country chu will eva go to!!!!
ppl there r luving n caring
home 2 da sexiest men eva
chu ppl who say s*** bout us
chu betta shut the f*** up..jaja
i luv dis country 4 eva=]
Guanaco Pride!!
i be reppin El Salvador til the day i die!!
by Latina1236 December 13, 2007
A shitty-ass country where it's always super hot and you can't go anywhere without fearing somebody is gonna steal your wallet. I was born in there but still I hate it.

But we don't eat rats.
In El Salvador people don't eat rats but I hate that country just like Mexico ew.
by Yomommaisahoe January 07, 2010
A nasty-ass country located in central america, where there are dirth people. They're dark, ugly, they all look alike, and they eat the same shit everyday. For example: Poop-sas and fried platanos!!! They all have sex with their relatives!
OMG! did you watch Primer Impacto today?? They did a report on a man living in El Salvador. He had sex with his OWN daughter and they have 10 kids together!!!
by Bubble_butt November 26, 2006

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