the best country with the coolest people home to "La Mara Salvatrucha" who you better not mess with. Guanaco love!
You talk shit about El Salvador you better just go suck a dick
by Guanaca and proud March 04, 2005
i dont know why ppl r dissin on this country. i am from there. and to all yall fucked up dick suckers who say shit about us u probably dont even know wat it like. yes they might be poor but not everyone is lucki and can live in america where yall are. EVERYONE there is awesome. yall ppl who r dissing on it r stupid. those ppl disevre a great life after all they have been thro. el salvador rocks . and the guys are cute. the beaches are awesome. the food is awesome. we do not eat rats like one of u said. that country is poor. but u know wat. they are helpung us in the war. they are our goddam aly. they could have kept there soilder safe at home with there family. but no they risked there life so u could sleep safe and sound if ur stupid bed!!! ppl who say shit about them should go thru wat those ppl do. i hope yall go poor and live in the gutters!
El Salvador is the best country in the world
by Stephanie¢¾ July 08, 2006
best fucking country in the world awsome food. in from thea diss it and ill break ya in half
wheeeee el salvador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by *-* DENISE *-* September 09, 2006
El Salvador is a small central-american country about the size of Massachusetts. With a population of around 7 million, it is crowded and dense. It borders Guatemala, to the west, Honduras, to the north and east, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s name translates to “The Savior” in English, and their national motto is “Dios, Union, Libertad”, or God, Union, Liberty. A VERY beautiful country and wonderful place for tourists! The people are awesome and the guys are HOT! ;)
Home to the most feared gang in the US, MS-13.
Person1: “Soooo. Where are we going this winter?”
Person 2: “I don’t know. I was thinking El Salvador. I hear it’s wonderful there.”
MS-13 will fuck up whoever bad-mouths their homies. So shut the fuck up and stop being racist little pricks.
^coming from a white chick and NOT a native to El Salvador or even a Latino!(but of course the natives can bash all they want ;) no complaints lol I would get pissed too :D)
by HeavenlySin May 29, 2008
El Salvador is a country that's obviously too much for Anthony to wrap his small penis-brain around. El Salvador rules.
Anthony ate rats for breakfast by force. He thinks Salvadorans eat like him. He is sub-par to El Salvador's flourishing condition.
by Atlacatl May 21, 2008
El Salvador is a beautiful country located in Central America, with a hardworking people. Good descriptions are in earlier definitions. This country is also home to San Oscar Romero de las Americas, who was killed in 1980 for speaking out against violence and abuse of poor people. His example continues to change many lives for the better. Younger Salvis born in the 80s-90s have grown up in both ES and the US and bring many gifts to both countries. We older Salvatruchos/as should support them in getting an education and building values of family, faith, and hope. Much love goes to the young salvadoreños who are struggling, especially those in maras. They need to know that they are loved. Laws in both ES and US need to be changed to help them find a better life. Both the Catholic and Evangelical churches are helping a lot in these efforts. There are also Salvadroran American civic organizations that are doing great work. Any guanaco or latino who has made it in the US has an obligation to stand by the younger generation both here and in our home countries. Special thanks go to the MANY chicanos, mexicanos, and non-latinos who helped our people when we first arrived in the US as refugees in the 70s. Now it's our turn to give back and uplift the new generation. Que Dios les bendiga.
A person from El Salvador: Salvadoran; salvis, pl.; salvatrucho/a;guanaco/a; salvadoreño/a

maras: a gang (plural); la mara (singular)

San Oscar Romero de las Americas: Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (1917–1980) was shot to death by death-squads while celebrating Mass and is in the process for canonization for sainthood. He has been declared “Servant of God” by the Catholic Church and described as a “Man of the Church, of the Gospel, and of the Poor.”
by Guadalupano February 07, 2010
The worlds best country.It is full of nice hardworking peolpe. Not like you lazyass dick-sucking mexicans that all yall do is drink beer, eat shit, suck cocks, lay around your house watching fucking novelas, and eat the greasiest, nastiest, food that taste like shit. F U anthony and katrina feliz. yall can suck my Guanaco dick. Yall beter watch yalls backs, la Mara Salvatrucha are looking for yall.
Mexico Sucks> El Salvador is the best.
by Guanaca_N_Proud October 12, 2005

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