a] The Eightball in a game of pool.
b] 3.5g of mood enhancing substance.
a] You sunk the eightball, You lose the game, fuck off. Next.

b] Hey man, let's get an eightball, it'll last us all weekend....
by mary-jane January 15, 2004
An eight-ball is a big ass chunk of coke...as in cocaine. About the diameter of a quarter or bigger if you get a real deal.
Jaze: Hey man, wanna buy an eight-ball?
V-Dub: Sure man, how much?
Jaze: 230
V-Dubb: Bitch, you crazy. I'll give you 200.
by Pit Bull September 13, 2006
A round shaped poo excreted from the anus which usually occurs after anal sex. This happens to the receiver of the sexual occurance.
Man, you put another eight ball on my bed Lucy! Control yourself woman!
by Zach Beyer February 21, 2005
1. another term for doing a girl anal
2. usually bending a girl over a pool table, while doing anal sex
1. incase you guys were wondering, yeh i'd eight-ball her.

2. We started playin this innocent game of pool, and before i knew it, i eight ball her ass
by $d-m$ April 03, 2009
A 40 Oz. bottle of Old English malt liquor. Sometimes misspelled as eighball.
The boys were hanging around downtown behind the laundry mat, talking about women they may or may not have screwed and drinking eightballs.
by Yoboface Killa August 14, 2004
Bald headed black man

Dude did you see that bald headed black man?
Ya i saw, that eightball
by Antonio November 16, 2002
A legend in his own right; one who brings insight unto others; has an answer to anything ie. the 'magic eightball'; both self serving & self righteous; one who brings both chaos and clarity to any situation- now that's a conundrum!
"OMG it's eightball!!"
"Dude, where's eightball tonight?"
"It's times like these you need eightball"
by eightball July 29, 2004
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