short for a .38 special revolver firearm
"I slap apes, with black eights/ let the fag brag he'll be sittin in a bag like a sack race"...JR Writer
by Jay Pizzle June 12, 2006
A complex game which consists of writing the number eight on a piece of paper until someone wins. A game of eight can take anywhere from mere seconds to several minutes. To an un-experienced player, the game can seem baffling, with the more experienced of the players winning seemingly for no reason leaving the n00b baffled and unsure to what has just happened.

The rules are complex. Players take turns at writing the number eight until one of the two players announces they are the winner. That person then becomes the winner.

A number of 'moves' and tactics are possible. The box for example involves drawing a number eight around the opponents number eight and the contact (an often shunned move) consists of drawing a number eight so close to an opponents number eight, the touch. The flank consists of drawing a number eight either side of an opponents number eight. Several other moves exist but are often unused except for in professional or league play.
"Man, Chris totally pawned Rob at Eight"

"How the hell did you win? This game sucks! Eight dosn't make sense at all!"
by Chris!! April 28, 2007
natural number based on male or female wheather you are jumping rope or sticking finger in a lightbulb socket, you always got some eight on your side.
wow that eight really hits the spot. i can feel it in my finger tips. what a rush!!!
by cody babe sonnnnnnnnn April 15, 2008
a term at which one describes a weight of marijuana. It is one eighth of an ounce, approx. 1.7grams.
Get the eight nigga
celebrate nigga
-rap song
by royalc January 08, 2008
An alternative way of saying something is "ace", popularized by the Viz comic character "Eight Ace".
"That film was fuckin' eight!"
by World of Weird July 10, 2003
To never pick up your phone on the weekends or after 6pm on a weekday.
Dude, I was supposed to hang out with Eight tonight but he is not picking up his cell around his girl.

by Hurting August 04, 2007
The term a homosexual uses when wanting to get married.

You see, when hitched, homosexuals wear their rings on the right ring finger (opposite of the heterosexuals). Who knows why, some rebellious act (as if marrying the same sex isn't rebellious enough!)

It's called "Eight" because you count using your left hand first and count to eight -- the homosexuals ring finger.
Rosie: I hope I see my eight soon...
Ellen: Don't count on it, fugly bitch.

Clay: I'm looking for a more serious relationship, someone to be my eight.
Gumby: I'll be your eight.
by Beccahahaha July 12, 2008
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