The problem person in the group, or one who stands out.
Well, we had a good turnout of volunteers--if you disregard that one 8-ball who smelled like a goat.

What the?!? Why do I get stuck dealing with all the 8-balls around here?
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
James Glade
James Glade is the Eight Ball. Me and Eight Ball were hanging out down at the Glade residence, you know's James's parents house. Has anyone seen the Eight Ball? Who, James Glade?
by James Glade November 27, 2011
a chronically unfortunate or ineffective person
He's an eight ball when it comes to education.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 06, 2007
To keep it real, there is no certain weight to an eightball and crack will weight 3.0 and cocaine 3.5.
I need a bizzy. (To keep it low key!!!)
by Pusha_D June 20, 2004
1/8 ounce of dope that loosers use.
You gotta be one dumb motherfucker to mess with this eight ball dope shit.
by Jack November 09, 2003
Yo, nigga, where's mah 8 ball?
by Fashizzle September 04, 2003
a superviolent shaved-headed racist neofascist punk type - called an 8-ball because he/she does 8-balls, or has a shaved head like an 8-ball, or is the game ender like an 8-ball (once they show up and thrash the party is over)
It was cool until she brought her 8-ball boyfriend over. What a psycho.
by Grrlscout September 03, 2003
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