The sound of somebody asking for a slap.
I'm so clever and funny because I can regurgitate catchphrases from Little Britain!!!
by OD Smith February 23, 2005
Top Definition
The phrase which TV legend Anne uses on 'Little Britain'.
Man: "No, Anne! That's Emma's Gerbil! Don't throw that out of the window!
Anne: "Eh Eh Eh!" *throws*
by Mr536 January 02, 2005
A phrase used when you would like to do a stupid action with no reson
TJ Why did you just stab me?
Eh Eh Eh
by Jim March 18, 2005
When one doesn't understand, one may react by going, "Eh eh eh.". Depending on how shocked/confused/zombie-like etc. the person is, they may add more length to the "Eh"s.
Girl 1: "So like, today, I brushed my face?"
by xradiojasx September 16, 2008
Isn't that the catchphrase for Harry Enflied's Scousers? More proof Little Britain is unoriginal crap, then...
Eh Eh Eh, calm down, calm down!
by OD Smith March 07, 2005
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