How ego can influence economics. (My 12th graders came up with this today, during a discussion about the Academy Awards and their effect on the economy.)
When you look at how an Academy Award can affect an actor or technical person or director's career, it is a combo of ego and money; hence, egonomics.
by Ms L the Lincoln HS teacher February 28, 2011
Egonomics - The science of designing "menu driven" or thought systems in such a manner as to be intuitive to logical interpretation, especially so as being able to return to the last decision point or to the starting point from any location within the system.
For example, when you are using a "menu" on the telephone, ATM, etc. you want to have the ability to return to the last decision point, or to the beginning of the menu from anywhere within the menu. That would be an example of "good" egonomics.
by truther51 February 06, 2010
psychological masturbation
Eventually nobody believed his boasting except for himself, it was all egonomics.
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
My mom's mom's mom's mom's grand grand grand son.
Lego my egonomics, bitch.
by Trent August 10, 2003
The study of the financial ascpects of papmpering oneself.
If only I could get the egonomics of this new boutique in Beverly Hills figured out I'd be a very rich chap.
by Timus August 12, 2003
made right to fit one's ego
This magazine news is quite egonomics to him
by allemand August 11, 2003
the design factors of a room, usually an office, made to reduce the amount of discomfort for the person in the room
the position of his desk and computer were both ergonomically correct because they had smooth corners and good colours in which the man did not strain his eyes when looking at the objects
by chickaaa August 11, 2003

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