The Eggroll is a process in which a Chinese person is tied up, placed in a sleeping bag, and subsequently rolled down a hill and/or mountain.
(Note: If an authentic Chinaman is unable to be found, a person of another race may be used in its place under the condition that said person is made to look Chinese. The person’s eyes must be held back in order to recreate the characteristic “slanty eye” appearance. Any adhesive may be used to accomplish this, but to achieve a more accurate Chinese likeness, packing tape is recommended due to its transparent nature.)
The Chinese food delivery man is 20 minutes late. If he doesn’t show up really soon, I’m going to Eggroll him.
by frush July 05, 2009
Top Definition
Referring to an Asian penis.
Tiffany was expecting the basic lo mein snack, but when she removed Joe Tae Won's pants, she marveled at the size of the eggroll dinner.
by Joe Tae Won October 19, 2005
Waking up to find your penis (usually morning wood) visible out the bottom, side, top, or through the pee slot of one's underwear. When sleeping with or around others (i.e. slumber party, crashing on a girl's sofa on the second date), you are usually the last to realize, causing embarrassment to one's self and laughter to the other party/parties.
1. “I went out with this guy the other day. He got totally drunk, made an ass out of himself then couldn’t drive. I felt bad and let him sleep on the couch. When I got up in the morning to kick him out, he had a total egg roll sticking out of his boxers. As if!!”

2. “At scout camp, Kyle comes walking out to get breakfast and pulled a total egg roll. We laughed so hard. He felt so dumb he walked home eight miles.”

by Dizz Markie June 21, 2007
a poorly rolled joint, fat in the middle and thin at both ends.

Brandon tried to spin up a couple of quick doobs, but wound up with two shitty egg rolls and shake everywhere.
by Figleaf23 August 05, 2007
n: Slang term for Asian penis.
"Angelina used to love Brad's Summer Sausage, but decided she preferred Chan's Egg Roll because it was little, yellow, different. Better."
by Super Wank March 13, 2009
A form of catcalling that discreetly disguises the words "Hey gurl" into the word "Eggroll!!!" Most of the time girls don't get it and almost every time they smile, so it's a good way to get the self esteem up.
Eric totally saw this mondo babe walk by from our porch and he goes, "Eggroll!!!!". The girl didn't really understand, but she smiled.
by JC aka OchoCinco July 08, 2009
The part of the male body that resides between the legs.

Also, a nice Chinese food that has a mixture of meat and vegetables wrapped in a dumpling wrapper.
My eggroll brings girls to tha yard, and they're like
it's better than yours
Damn right
it's better than yours
by Qiao Beauty (^_~) March 05, 2004
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