Dan also known as dampsandwich also known as eggplant

he is believed to be a descendant from the eggplant family, and speaks the language "hubba hubba"
Dan likes to eat fellow eggplants while watching anime and the bee movie, he practises cannibalism.
Dampsandwich the Eggplant posted a picture of himself eating another eggplant, with the captions "I ATE MY FIANCE HELP"
by Dan's Carrot April 17, 2013
A person who is black on the outside and yellow on the inside. In other words they're black versions of eggs, obsessed with anything Asian/Anime. They are a very rare sight indeed so if seen take a picture because you never know when you'll see your next eggplant again.
Bill: oh dude look it's an eggplant near all those eggs playing wii!
Dan: No way, I gotta take a picture of this!
by BobTHEIMPALER13 July 29, 2011
A creepy ass person with huge cheeks on the bottom and a pin head on top. The disperportionateness of their face makes them appear creepishly like an eggplant.
He's such an eggplant, I hope he goes on a cheek fat loss diet and stops stalking me.
by boogyman1234321 October 24, 2011
An insulting noun to describe stupid and or useless person, much like the actual plant. It is best used on a person of low intelligence as they do not understand they are being called an eggplant.
Kramer - You Fucking Eggplant!!
Jem- Whyyy?
Kramer- Because all you do is sit around like an eggplant!
Jem- I'm confused!
by Tape63 August 18, 2010
A woman's reproductive organs, specifically the ones that contain/produce the eggs.
My eggplant is fertile, and i am ready to start a family.
by mbtfcp July 30, 2009
An African-American lawyer or attorney.
That eggplant lawyer sent my brother to jail for 5 years.
by BlazerSax April 13, 2004
A person of Sicilian heritage. This term is derogatory in that it points out to Sicilians how they have African blood flowing through their veins. Etymologically, this term derives from the 9th century conquest of the Sicilian island by the Moors, who, for all those ignorant folks out there, were in fact African.
If you have Sicilian blood in your veins then you must also have African blood as well.
by Cannabis Maximus June 22, 2005
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