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the term that italians use to address african-american
hey don't you be-friends with eggplants ya hear me?! next thing you know, they gonna stole your stereo or some shit!
by Ronny December 08, 2003
To Eggplant:

1. To bust on a girl's face.

2. To ejaculate on an unwilling female's facial region.

(Best done anonymous while wearing a cape, of course)
Guy: Yo, I tied her down, and eggplanted all over her face.

Guy 2: Shit, bro, you wear the cape?

Guy: Hell yeah, Guy 2, like a fucking fiend.
by I am XANDERALE April 19, 2009
Word used by whites, specifically italian americans, to describe blacks.
look at these fuckin eggplants, theyre taking over our town
by bukkake December 01, 2004
word to describe a black person. Egg plant is also known as an aubergine, they are black, hense egg plant being a black person.
White man: Hey egg plant!
Blacky: Wassup my nigger!!
by sluts with nuts June 11, 2007
Eggplant occurs when a guy wears really skin tight clothing or underwear and you can see the outline of his penis.
Ryan's eggplant is huge in that picture.
I saw his eggplant yesterday through his tight trousers.
by mastermindgame January 11, 2015
An insulting noun to describe stupid and or useless person, much like the actual plant. It is best used on a person of low intelligence as they do not understand they are being called an eggplant.
Kramer - You Fucking Eggplant!!
Jem- Whyyy?
Kramer- Because all you do is sit around like an eggplant!
Jem- I'm confused!
by Tape63 August 18, 2010
Dan also known as dampsandwich also known as eggplant

he is believed to be a descendant from the eggplant family, and speaks the language "hubba hubba"
Dan likes to eat fellow eggplants while watching anime and the bee movie, he practises cannibalism.
Dampsandwich the Eggplant posted a picture of himself eating another eggplant, with the captions "I ATE MY FIANCE HELP"
by Dan's Carrot April 17, 2013

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