A sticky, warm, gummy, usually pungent, (sometimes clumped) substance that excretes itself from the cob in the form of a wad but is manufactured and shipped from the factory dangling between a male's legs; also known as: the testes.
She suckled me until my eggs nogged.

The hand in which she cupped my scrotum was enough to boil my eggs and launch the egg nog all over.
by Dr. Knob January 01, 2009
A drink in which is made by taking a sip out of a carton of milk, then quickly puking the milk back into the container. Thus creating EGG NOG. This an also be done by taking a sip of rum after the milk, then puking it into the carton.
Dude I think i'm gonna be sick.. I just drank some of the egg nog Mike made.
by J-QUAD November 16, 2007
Something a lot of people drink at christmas, but very few actually like it.
"Ok, dad, i got the three litres of egg nog again this year."
"Great, son, now put them in the landfill along with the the rest."
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
A ferret like creature that lives amoungst you in your home. Normally drinks pints of the dark stuff (nig nog) and annoys you by never sleeping and doubling up as Rosemarie's baby
Hey Egg Nog - keep your evil anits to yourself you Nig Nog loving coon!
by olivia November 17, 2003
a albino nigga..picture a skinny black dude with a blonde fro goin on instead of a nig nog its a egg nog
y0 sup my eggnog
by fro November 20, 2003
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