eggcorn or egg corns are the mistaken name for acorns. The term means any long held mistaken saying.

eg 1. - Crimean River - "Oh, you have problems, crimean river" (mistaken thought that somthing bad happend during the crimean war, by a river!)

mentioned on Adam and Joe's radio show.
Egg Corn eg 2. - My condiments to the chef - "That food was lovely, my condiments to the chef" (mistaken thought that: If food is really good then you send the unneeded seasonings back to the chef!)
by The chair January 15, 2013
Top Definition
a lexical mistake, usually in the form of a commonly-used term used in place of a more obscure term.
Some examples of eggcorn are to ferment trouble, the prostrate gland, potatoes old rotten. The writing teacher corrected the eggcorns in the student's composition.
by j griffey November 18, 2006
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