English as a First Language
as opposed to ESL, English as a Second Language

When someone who's native tongue is English has such a poor command of their first language that they are constantly making mistakes that someone who is ESL might make
Fred: I've seen like 5 movies in the last week
Lynn: wow you must have a lot of time in your head
Fred: what?
Lynn: i mean time in your hands
Fred: you mean time ON your hands?
Lynn: oh yeah thats what i meant
Fred: damn you are EFL
#english #engrish #first #language #fob #grammar
by EdibleFarmedLemurs October 17, 2009
Top Definition
To "efl" is to excreted from laughing.

It has a simmilar type of use to "lmao" or "rofl".

"efl" can be expanded, such as "efl my nefl" which can be used to show you are excreting more than a standard "efl".
Dick: Haha look at that tiny penis!
Harry: efl!
#efl #nefl #excrete #excreted #laughing
by bennelsworth July 12, 2008
EFL - English as a Foreign Language. Taught to students outside an English-speaking culture, overseas, as opposed to ESL, English as a Second Language, taught to foreign or immigrant students within an English-speaking culture. Subject or program of study, a major or credential qualifying one to teach the subject.
He has a credential in EFL, so he should know what he's doing teaching English to Japanese students.
#esl #teacher #toefl #credential #english
by Rick Hayhoe June 18, 2006
Emo For Life
I failed my biology final and ended up with a D in the class, EFL
#efl #fml #emo #fuck my life #life
by tipsyfo0sayz June 08, 2009
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