Acronym for Epic Fucking Fail
Brah, what are you listening to?
Owl City dude they rock!
by Bruce Cockburn December 09, 2009
An abbreviation of the word 'FRIENDS' or 'FRIENDS FOREVER' from 'Best Friends Forever' or 'Bff.' Typically used between two Bff's who have created nicknames for each other from 'BFF,' one friend is Bee and the other is Eff Eff (or just Eff for short.)

Spellings of this word Eff can range from, 'Eff to Effffffff' depending on how many f's you prefer. Further nicknames include, Effaroo, Effness, Effy, Eff Eff Effness and EffLochness.
Mary: Hey bee

Jen: Hey Eff

Mary: Bee i'm in such a hmmf :(

Jen: Don't worry we'll be bee's and eff's forever.
by HmmfCreator May 27, 2009
To express, utter, or explain.
Effing the ineffable
by Katieqk November 12, 2005
it's what people use so that they get the point across but they also make the point that they don't offend people
that movie effing sucks, video droid highly recommends that you don't rent that film.
by vronfromsantarosa July 04, 2005
To mess up, to screw up, to bother
Don't eff with me, dude.
by Leksi January 29, 2003
Like Jeff, except not as good.

Also used as a replacement of fuck.
I got peed on. Eff.

Effing A I'm tired.

I just got effed in the a.
by Boki, Jeff, Bryant June 05, 2006
word that "rebels" usually use when they dislike something, often used in place of normal cuss words. can also be used as a random expression like oh shizznitz, holy pancakes batman, gosh bewinkers (not sure of the spelling of that one), golly, oh eff or just plain FUCK. can be used frequently around adults or parentals that are strict about our youth cussing them out. use it as yu will
eff yu, yu effing effer; go eff yurself; effing effs; oh em eff gee; why dont yu go eff yurself, man; why eff not?!; eff myspace; eff yu!!; yu stepped on my cat yu effer!; go suck on a turd, eff...; she wasnt THAT effing ugly in real-life; EFF
by UZiiISFORLOVERS March 01, 2006
abbreviation of the word effort
i didnt do my coursework its so much eff
by grand master funk November 09, 2007
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