Early empty nest syndrome, when a mother or father are sade about all their children moving out long before they have no children left
Mom you are being very emotional for no reason, I'm not going to college for 5 years, i think you have EENS
by Padlockspadlock November 04, 2010
Top Definition
a bahamian slang used instead of the word "aint"
1. I een know when she comin home.
2. Y u een get the food boss!
by TADA August 26, 2005
Scottish slang.
In Scotland, particularly Dumfries & Galloway, your "e" is your eye. "Een" are your eyes.
Oi! that hit me in the "E"

I couldnae believe ma "Een"
by Marra February 01, 2005
Used in place of "even".
"You aint een gotta lie, yo."
by KK From Around the Way May 11, 2005
As a noun, an een often refers to a small, perhaps impish-like person or subject that is fond of motion. This also relates to the verb form of the word.

As a verb, een refers to motion in a hilariously consistent manner. Scholars maintain that the derivation, perhaps thousands of years old, comes from the "eeening" sound produced by mopeds.
1. Look at that little een, if he's not careful someone's gonna spill their macchiatao on him.

2. They say that if you listen today, you can still hear the distant eening of the legendary moped gang, the ThunderGrundles.
by I am your Lord February 12, 2009
spoon's boss. have u heard the story of the lepricorn st the end of the rainbow???
take lots n lots of drugs n u 2 will soon c EEN if u believe
by Spoon March 30, 2005
A loser usually of the nerdy type. Short for Eenis Conveenus.
Ricky Martin is an een.
by Vic July 22, 2003
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