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A girl who gives horrible, awful handjobs which result in one having a burned, scabby, wrangled, lacerated penis. You will be sore for days to come.
Holy Shit! That asian girl is a true Edward Scissorhands! Dude, look at my dick!! Its been manhandled!
by CavMan October 17, 2004
64 102
A film about a man who had his hands chopped off and the made new ones out of scissors.
He's like the nice version of Freddy Krueger played by johnny depp but both his hands are different than most peoples if you get what i mean.
The Girl-"Edward! FINGER ME! NOW!"
The Girl-"NOW DAMN IT!"
The Girl-" OWWWWW! My fadge is bleeding out from in!"
Edward-"I told you"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
12 63
any guy with long nails and dirty hands and looks kinda spooked...
a street junkie with a crack habit and dirty ass nails...
by mr. buggaloo October 02, 2004
20 92
A film that would've been excellent if Edward wasn't such a pussy. He gots scissors for hands for fucks sake, he should realise what the real purpose of them is for and use them to kill people
an example? hmm no......
by The Masked Musketeer September 30, 2004
29 137