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Silly pronunciation of the word "education".
"You hates Amurica?! Get an edumacation!!"
by Dave March 31, 2004
Used to refer to an education that someone received at a crappy school, or a lack of education all together.
I received my edumacation at Willits High School.
by zanny May 26, 2004
What a contemporary college graduate recieves.
"I got me an edumacation at UC."
by rogosan May 04, 2004
What one recieves at ODU.
When I finish my edumacation, I will have bought a degree from ODU. School motto: "Learnin' is optional"
by Edumacated September 07, 2003
It is not like educdation, where you learn about boring crap. Edumacation is about learning stuff you want to learn, a.k.a, outside of school.
With edumacation, i learned how to fix my bomb.
by I am Y23Y! November 01, 2011
Education. Usually stupid people say it this way purposely without realizing it.
I gotsta to get my edumacation so I can get through 10th grade... again!
by gundamNIT January 15, 2003
What a redneck names his kid
"This ones smart im gonna name 'im edumacation!"
by Kalista May 05, 2004