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An educationologist is an odd and wasteful entity; a tragic parody on the idea of an educationist. The difference between an educationologist and educationist or teacher, or even simple administrator is not in function, but the actions to complete their given function. Such types often focus on the form of teaching, with requirements, paperwork and administration rather than doing everything in their power to find and perfect the art of passing on their knowledge to their charges. While they think they are furthering their students' education, they don't often manage it. There appears to be an inverse correlation between degrees relating to education and administration to efficiency and teaching quality. While a few of these types are usually found and even required at the administrative level, their presence in a classroom never bodes well, literacy or grade-wise.
A student's goal is to learn and a teacher's goal is to teach; the educationologist's goal is to interrupt the process.
by Dan Melks May 17, 2008
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