see brainwash
education is a way to force young folks into accepting the system....
by wiseman12345 July 06, 2011
1)Positive Connotation:
The state of getting and or becoming "educated" therefore giving you the chance to succeed in life.
At it's most basic level, in the US, graduating from high school, or getting a General Equivalent Diploma. (Hey, if you don't have a diploma, eventually even Micky D's won't want you anymore if more qualified applicants show up. And if you can't read, write, or do basic artithmetic, you can't do a lot of things.)

However, in the United States, most "educated" people have been to a two or four year college and have some form of degree, thus making them elgible for at least slightly better jobs.

For this reason, many adults tell their kids to stay in school and get a good education, so they can be sucessful in life.

2)Negative connotation:
A system run by the state that screws you over, where you learn nothing of importance and must take tons of standardized tests while enduring a dumbed-down curriculum, the main focus being to keep the children just educated enough that they can grow up, take jobs, and become cogs in the wheels of the system, in what is inevitably an "assembly line" approach. In short, the Man's way of stifiling young creativity and brainwashing the youth of the nation.
1) "The reason I know the meaning of the word 'connotation' is because I go to school and get myself an education."

2) "Kids in the US often hate the education system, and feel it stifles their individuality and creativity. However, in third world nations, many kids would love the chance to go to school, even if it's crappy and state-run, because they're stuck working all day without minimum wage."
by killerfiller March 11, 2006
-primary school
-high school
-apply for a money based job.
WORK WORK WORK 'till ya die.
Bloody economics these days.

Life is based on money, first you must get education, find and get a job that earns lots of money, reproduce maybe, get some pleasure along the way, help the fucking society grow.
And if you can't deal with it, you don't get too far until you commit suicide.

And because it says I didn't use education in this example education is crapp.
by Kirsty06 September 03, 2007
Often the end result of a process of theoretical book-learning (which may yield nothing more than a collection of trivia about an obscure subject), used as an excuse to look down on others who may actually be better-adjusted, better-informed, more experienced individuals.
The college graduate knew he was superior to everyone else because he had completed his Education: a master's degree in Ancient Mesopotamian Pottery.
by UrbanDictionaryPapa August 11, 2010
An incredible opportunity to better yourself and better understand the world around you, frequent mocked and derided by people too stupid to appreciate it or as a defense against their own shortcomings or lack of ambition.
Jared said, "Schools are stupid. The only reason the government wants us to learn and become critical thinkers is so they can control us." Cornelius replied, "If you had been more invested in your education growing up, you wouldn't be saying such stupid things. Now get back to work. I'm not paying you minimum wage to complain about how everything is someone else's fault."
by Gladeye November 24, 2013
an illusion
I staggered towards the oasis in the desert, but it turned out to be an education, and i died of thirst.
by ^__^ May 04, 2003
Upside: A piece of paper you wave around to get free stuff and a the right to make fun of stupid people.

Downside: You have to spend 18 years of your life taking it up your ass from school to get a lousy piece of paper.
"I demand a raise because I have an education!"

"Why do I have to come to school anyway?"
"For a piece of paper, now bend over."
by |3 0 |3 December 20, 2006
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