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-primary school
-high school
-apply for a money based job.
WORK WORK WORK 'till ya die.
Bloody economics these days.

Life is based on money, first you must get education, find and get a job that earns lots of money, reproduce maybe, get some pleasure along the way, help the fucking society grow.
And if you can't deal with it, you don't get too far until you commit suicide.
by Kirsty06 August 24, 2007
Something that schooling gets in the way of.
Don't let your schooling get in the way of a good education
by ChildStar October 11, 2005
Upside: A piece of paper you wave around to get free stuff and a the right to make fun of stupid people.

Downside: You have to spend 18 years of your life taking it up your ass from school to get a lousy piece of paper.
"I demand a raise because I have an education!"

"Why do I have to come to school anyway?"
"For a piece of paper, now bend over."
by |3 0 |3 December 20, 2006
1) Something that parental and governmental fuck-tards would like you to believe holds up the world and fills it with rainbows and sunshine, but in fact just fills your mind with crap and your limited time on Earth with compulsory busywork. Straight-edged brainwash victims in AP classes also want you to buy this shit.

2) These twatfaces will argue that people rebelling against such an oppressive way of life must be really stupid. These are usually the same scumbuckets who can't appreciate good music and spit upon everything that it stands for. What's that? Why, it's the stench of hypocrisy.
Straight-edged kid: A good education is the foundation of a well-balanced, successful life.

Me: Great. Then go calculate the radius of your asshole.
by Unregistered December 26, 2005
Not something you can easily get here in the good 'ol USA.
We can't get a proper education here in the U.S. because all of the schools are grossly underfunded, the teachers underpaid, and everything we're taught nothing but lies painted rose.
by DarkMillennia August 23, 2003
Activity that can interfere with your time passed on drug or games.
If the school is interfering with your drug, beer or games activities, just drop it!
by Mathilda February 01, 2005
Education is what the current UK government and its puppet-masters want only the children of the rich to have. Britain is in very real danger of ending up with an entire generation of uneducated underclass. The middle school I went to years ago was practically a borstal, where bullying went ignored, where teachers either blamed the victims or carried on smoking their cigarettes. The deputy headmaster was a stroppy, loud-mouthed oaf and the headmistress was a poisonous old witch who threw people out of assembly for not standing up quickly enough. People were reprimanded for being late, but I can remember being sent to see the deputy head who told me off (naughty boy, arriving late indeed, etc) and then arriving at class for registration to find out the teacher hadn't arrived yet. Said teacher was forever late, and we had to stand outside the building waiting for her to arrive to let us into class no matter what the weather was like. Once she turned up, tardy as ever, saying "you're late, class". In another school everyone was called to assambly once to be given a stern lecture about bad language. That had real moral authority, considering more than one teacher used the f-word in front of the class. I don't know quite what those schools are like by now. I shudder to think. I know of teachers who say how impossible to teach anyone. What with the 'rights without responsibility' culture which goes hand-in-hand with New Labour, no teacher is allowed to reprimand any bully or disruptive individual.

So I'm sure school teaches us. It teaches us that authority is a case of hypocrisy and double-standards, that the guilty are rewarded and the innocent made to feel they are worthless scum.

These days standards have fallen to the point where this country's education system is the laughing stock of the world. Once it was the envy of everyone. People with the money to do so all used to come to the UK to be educated in our universities. Now, thanks to a succession of useless governments, everyone in the UK with the money to do so goes abroad to university. Tony Bliar and his masters con the public into thinking the UK's children are educated by making exams so easy a 5-year-old can attain a dozen A-stars (despite calling for education to be down to the lowest denominator, New Labour ministers send their own children to expensive private schools). And only the rich can go to university. Anyone else will find themselves in debt for the rest of their natural lives.
"Here's a piece of education. This school was named after a lord mayor".
"Good grief. If he was alive today he'd sue the place for every penny. Fancy having your name associated with a dump like that".
by Stormsworder November 15, 2006