Education is what the current UK government and its puppet-masters want only the children of the rich to have. Britain is in very real danger of ending up with an entire generation of uneducated underclass. The middle school I went to years ago was practically a borstal, where bullying went ignored, where teachers either blamed the victims or carried on smoking their cigarettes. The deputy headmaster was a stroppy, loud-mouthed oaf and the headmistress was a poisonous old witch who threw people out of assembly for not standing up quickly enough. People were reprimanded for being late, but I can remember being sent to see the deputy head who told me off (naughty boy, arriving late indeed, etc) and then arriving at class for registration to find out the teacher hadn't arrived yet. Said teacher was forever late, and we had to stand outside the building waiting for her to arrive to let us into class no matter what the weather was like. Once she turned up, tardy as ever, saying "you're late, class". In another school everyone was called to assambly once to be given a stern lecture about bad language. That had real moral authority, considering more than one teacher used the f-word in front of the class. I don't know quite what those schools are like by now. I shudder to think. I know of teachers who say how impossible to teach anyone. What with the 'rights without responsibility' culture which goes hand-in-hand with New Labour, no teacher is allowed to reprimand any bully or disruptive individual.

So I'm sure school teaches us. It teaches us that authority is a case of hypocrisy and double-standards, that the guilty are rewarded and the innocent made to feel they are worthless scum.

These days standards have fallen to the point where this country's education system is the laughing stock of the world. Once it was the envy of everyone. People with the money to do so all used to come to the UK to be educated in our universities. Now, thanks to a succession of useless governments, everyone in the UK with the money to do so goes abroad to university. Tony Bliar and his masters con the public into thinking the UK's children are educated by making exams so easy a 5-year-old can attain a dozen A-stars (despite calling for education to be down to the lowest denominator, New Labour ministers send their own children to expensive private schools). And only the rich can go to university. Anyone else will find themselves in debt for the rest of their natural lives.
"Here's a piece of education. This school was named after a lord mayor".
"Good grief. If he was alive today he'd sue the place for every penny. Fancy having your name associated with a dump like that".
by Stormsworder November 15, 2006
an illusion
I staggered towards the oasis in the desert, but it turned out to be an education, and i died of thirst.
by ^__^ May 04, 2003
Something those on this site have never heard of before.
Stop posting on this site and get yourselves and education.
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
Something that is SERIOUSLY taken for granted here in America. Seriously, all you gotta do is go in with an open mind/positive attitude, do your work (try hard, and if you don't understand it, simply ask for help), pass the tests, and get your diploma. It's free, and it's worth it.
Kids in third-world countries would KILL to get an education, and here we are, acting like spoiled brats by thinking we gotta "conform to the system".
by MetalHead16 March 12, 2011
Something that one should receive to realize that America is a decent country. Also something that one should receive to live a good life. Oh sure, it's hellish, but it will serve you well in the long run. ^_~ this I know for a fact.
"You hate America? Sheesh get an education!"
by Dave March 31, 2004
Learning meaningful stuff while you're in school
"Say no to drugs, stay in school and get a good education."

Nancy Reagan's 1985 Anti-Drug campaign.
by Saints October 20, 2003
Dude. Fuck you all. Education may not be the "source of infinite happiness", or the most important thing in the god damn world, but you need it to survive in life, unless you want to take cock in your ass when you grow up. Education is important for when you get older, if you want to make money.

btw, and you complain and say "Oh! 18 years of shit!"

Ok, now you try starting school when you're 15, and trying to get a high-paying normal job (doctor, lawyer, etc) by the time you're 30. You have to start it early so you can get all that crap in your head before it's too late.
Someone: Oh, I'll become a NFL player! Just you see! Fuck education!
Me: ....sure.

*7 years later*

Someone: Hey, lookin for a good time?
Me: ....sure.
by you're all fuckin retarded. September 22, 2006
- Something we all need.
- Something we all hate.
- Something you won't succeed in life without (unless a "career" in retail, which caps off at store manager, is fine for you)
- Something we should not try to push on the others (like we do in US by giving double time to ADD/ADHD kids - lol ADD), because we do need people to bag our groceries and clean our bathrooms.
- Hey maaan, I hate school - I'ma go smoke weed and be retarded instead.
- Sure, w/e, just don't talk to me.

Employer for a good job: So what kind of education did you receive in your life, Mr.Whiny-ass loser?
Whiny-ass loser: Ugh... edjookaishon?
Employer: Next!

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