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1. Completely unrelated to current discussion but is shouted out of anger, confusion, or by way of uncontrollable ticks.

2. A milder form of tourettes syndrome. Actions and/or conversation is abruptly interrupted by shouts of "edoba".

3. To acknowledge something. Very primitive in nature/language. Evolutionary speech pattern.
-- "Yo Kane whats today? I know its not Monday, its not the weekend, its not Tuesday, and its not Friday.. edoba.. its not Thursday, and I'm not working..?.. its Weed Wednesday! Edoba!"

-- "Yo Steve meet me at the but hut, edoba."

-- "Yo Kirk, scoobs? Ahhh man ahhh edoba ah mang ah! Real good!"

-- "Yo Diamond Dallas, edoba!"

-- "My friends call me j, eyeyye edoba, duh!"

-- "Look at that group of people, e e edoba!"
by Karlin. Friends call me e-roc February 04, 2009
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