A Bootimous Fun Loving Gal that will rock your world.
Edie: What can I say I am Bootimous.
by Teagan911 October 03, 2013
Top Definition
to do an 'edie' is to generally own, rinse and mentally overpower someone through the art of arguing. Opponents such as ex boyfriends are left lost for words, as all their attempts to argue back are met with witty or sarcastic comments that are ultimately true.
'did you hear about clarah's argument with dec? she did an edie and completely owned him'
by moose2002 July 19, 2009
A person named Edie is generally a very trustworthy friend, although confused and annoyed by unfaithfulness, she can become a very close person, she has difficulty telling secrets to even trusted friends but is valued overall
Oh boy! Edie is such a great person!
by A Llama October 17, 2012
A short saying for edible
I just got a homemade Edie

He got Swishers weed Edie's wax hash
by my_Odyssey23 November 09, 2014
Name for the founder of the "Life Stupid" club
Life Stupid Club. You know, the one founded by Edie
by SexyBitch15 December 12, 2010
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