Edel is a old fashioned German Word it has several meanings:

noble, precious, premium, kingly, nobly, generous
The Guy who paid my Beer is an Edler Spender.

The Prince from Sachsen-Anhalt is an Edelmann
by FadR March 04, 2010
Top Definition
1. A person who is Oh so wonderful.

2. A person who is always correct.
1.1. Hello there Oh wonderful edel :-)

2.1 If edel says/thinks it, it has to be correct.
by skinnypuppy September 19, 2004
Usually extremely hot female, always a 10.
Great in bed, knows all the tricks and very flirtacious, likes to have fun, think the mysterious kind of type, she is normally very quiet and shy to begin with but you couldn't be more wrong, she'll open up and blow your mind, you'll probably be heartbroken after dating an Edel.
"Hey, what's your name."
by RyanMG November 18, 2013
Edel is a fairly common western European name that essentially
means, "one who is only sometimes right or slightly big-headed in an argument".
girl1: Oh my God! You're doing such an Edel!

girl2: No way!! I'm actually right this time...
by gods4gottenchild May 08, 2008
someone who is a n00b
you are edel
by rul0r October 11, 2003
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