The most amazing guy in the entire universe! Every girl wishes they could have him because he is so perfect! He is very caring and will do anything for his girl<3 He's very sweet and kind, and will be nice to everyone<3 He's funny and super smart! He's athletic and musical and talented in every way possible! He's very loving and always chivalrous<3 OVERALL PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you eddy<3
by its_me! July 06, 2011
A retard or "special" male. Usually receives special attention, including his own helper to do his schoolwork for them. The helper answers every question for them and tells them what to say. Female eddy's are refered to as an "Eddina."
that kid just drooled all over me! Yeah, he's an eddy.
by AdamGlambert123 October 18, 2011
Derived from Special Education; A Special Ed. student; Someone really damn dumb.
the perfect taunt when someone displays their lack of grace or intelect: "Nice one, Eddy. Way to show 'em how it's done. Pull any more shit like that and i'm buying you a helmet with 'retard x-ing' on the front."
by Amy Christ May 01, 2005
latin roots
means i am fat fucken homo that touches little boys
i am going to play with that molsestor eddy
by Bryan February 18, 2005
Verb: Bending/Crashing/Destroying a motor car by attempting a basic manouver such as going round a corner on a country lane
I did an Eddy on the Road from Aberdeen to St Andrews
by rob_himself February 03, 2011
the act of farting into a jar and make others smell it. Or storing it for later use.
That guy pulled an eddy on me yesterday. i punched him in the face..
by muffinyall March 04, 2009
An underground street term for energy drinks.

ORIGIN: Energy Drinks = EDs = Eddies
"Hey, we need to go to the store and pickup some Eddies for later tonight."
by Tizz Mizzle April 21, 2007
That funny kid in your Chemistry class who isn't really named Eddy. Hates slow computers. Attracted to shiny objects and glitter. Known to lick walls. The reason they put 'Do not put bag over head' and 'Small parts' warnings on products.
"Eddy!!! What's up?"
"My name is Alex. I hate you guys."

"Oh my god! Did you see the news?"
"No what happened?"
"Some poor boy named Eddy died because he ate too many Legos..."
by barack lincoln February 24, 2009

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