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European Currency Unit, an accounting unit used by the European Community from 1979 to 1999, when it was replaced by the euro. It was a basket of the currencies of the European Community member states. There were never any coins or banknotes.
The annual budgets of the European Community used to be drawn up in ECUs.
by Robfinger October 03, 2006
East Carolina University, home of the P.D. the Pirate. ECU has a reputation for being a party school. Not a particularly good athletic school, but they made it to a tournament this year!
and, oh yeah, ECU is in Greenville (g-vegas), North Carolina
by alliiiii :) December 08, 2008
electronic control unit, in cars, controls rev limit, max speed, etc
that Mugen ecu is pretty sick on ma 91 crx si, FOO.
by tyler July 09, 2003
Electronic Control Unit; also known as an ECM (Electronic Control Module). Commonly found in cars, for electronic purposes, like sterios, lights, etc.
"Can't see you tonight...my um... ECU is busted, yeah..."
by Menticide May 10, 2005
Eternal Care Unit
Jim finally made it out of ICU, but now he's headed to the ECU
by billii105 August 16, 2014