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A word used to describe an individual determined to make the world a better place. Or to describe a certain someone (see below)
Dave Angel - Eco-Warrior
by AB_Drax July 07, 2003
Monkeywrencher, eco-terrorist, or green zealot, given to spiking trees, passing pamphlets, and lecturing people on how milk is NOT an option in a cruelty-free diet. A/K/A total bore.
Ralph Nader is an eco-warrior, as is Al Gore
by teleny December 01, 2004
A spineless pussy who seeks to ruin every major accomplishment of American producitivity by comment seemingly random acts of major vandalism. See also al-Qaeda.
I just ate some red meat and bought a Humvee, let's go run over a few eco-warriors and break it in.
by LA Cop March 31, 2004
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