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With hybrid automobiles, recycling bins on every corner, energy saver lights, and "green" water bottles, it's hard not to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon. We do love our planet earth after all. But if you take your love of mothernature to a point which jeopardizes every social relationship you have, you have become an eco-douche. If you publicize your hate for people who bathe regularly, you are an eco-douche. If you roll your eyes when you see a person drinking out of the actual starbucks paper cup, rather than a handblown glass jar, you too are an eco-douche. As they say "Bros before hoes." Mother nature is not your hoe.
Leo: Hey man, yesterday Jack kicked me out of his house after I flushed the toilet. He said he only flushes for "number 2."

Andrew: God. He has become such an eco-douche.
by smema February 09, 2010
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