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Slang term for a fake "gangsta". Often white.

An "eborn" will typically think that everybody admires them, while everybody in fact is laughing at them.
"Yo I Iz Da GaNgStA!!!"
"No you're not, you're just an eborn."

He was a wannabe gangsta, an eborn.
by tehtruth! January 11, 2005
a pioneer, someone who thinks out of the box, a trailblazer, a successful entrepreneur, an inspiration
He was not just an ordinary businessman he was a real eborn
by As per Roger Thesaurus May 18, 2007
a shrewd businessman, ahead of his time. A pioneer. A strategic thinker.
"As always, the business was won by an Eborn."
by Roget Thesaurus August 17, 2007