The seepage of coonisms from ghetto-speak into english language and their acceptance as a valid means of communication outside of ghettos.
Doan dis me 'bout how ma gums be flappin' nigga, I bust a cap in yo ass. 'Sides it ain ma fault, I done got dat ebonic plague.
by Cavalla September 28, 2004
Top Definition
The growing acceptability of having absolutely no education at all
There seems to be an outbreak of the ebonic plague in here. I can't understand a damn word these idiots are babbling
by sideshow July 15, 2003
The spread of ebonics into the English language causeing a general decline in society.
Damn this ebonic plague, I can't find a decent employee anywhere.
by julius12345678 October 23, 2008
a linguistic disease that is causing the downfall of society, especially those who use it as a primary language. This disease undermines and devalues important concepts like parenthood by calling the mother of your child, a person with whom the sacred bond of parenthood should be implied a 'baby-momma'
if the ebonic plague continues to spread, our underprivledged have little hope of learning the value of parenthood, sexuality, and hope.
by tbarbos June 17, 2010
away of saying things with out the right terminology;the opposite of english; another way to communication
waz up my home dog= hi friend
shut the f up =shut up before i make you
by Atonne Hunter June 17, 2004
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