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a hax0r that plays counterstrike.
Wow, that guy has every hack available. Talk about pullin' an E.Bola!
by hfng February 27, 2004
5 8
Electronic Tombola. As opposed to Ebola, the deadly virus.
Philip: "That guy deserves to get E-bola!"
Peter: "E-bola is electronic tombola, dumbass!"
by Peter Adams November 05, 2005
6 10
A sketch on In Living Color used this word to replace bomb, because
1. Bomb was being overused by white people.
2. Ebola, like bomb, is analogous to mass destruction.
.....It's the ebola!
by Bombman January 27, 2005
36 51
Personal problems that make you cry a lot, and make you avoid other people, either because you think they won't like you once they find out or so they don't get dragged into it.

Originating from the image of the disease causing people to cry tears of blood and its contagiousness.
The ebola is acting up :'(
by dasj7 April 17, 2010
6 24
when tattooed across the stomach region means "Flaming homosexual"
Person One: Did you see Rob's new tattoo
Person Two: Yeah doesn't it say Ebola
Person Three: Yeah but I thought he was straight
Person One: Guess not
by BryanPatrick March 24, 2008
9 36
Another word for cool,smooth,nice,dope,etc.
Man dat shit was ebola
by thatguynik April 24, 2006
23 58
Used on an episode of mad TV, it is a synnonym of/for
the bomb, cool, sweet, the shit, awesome, dank, clutch, HxCore, badass, etc.
yo man, that shit was ebola.
by ya brother May 31, 2006
5 44