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a deadly virus
ebola is worse than ecoli
by david December 09, 2003
actually, the second guy was wrong. Ebola is a completely different virus from Marburg, and the first Marburg outbreak was at a plant that used chimpanzee parts to test vaccines, not a nazi test lab. Basically since chimp DNA is so similar vaccines work the same way which is why they use chimp parts. The Nazis really had nothing at all to do with Ebola. The first ever outbreak of Ebola was in 1976, many years after the Nazis fell out of power. Not that it didn't suck for the Africans or anything. Symptoms in the later phases include detachment of the intestinal lining from its place, hemmorhaging from any or all orifices, liquidation of some internal organs (not from stomach acid by the way) and the mind often slows down to stopping. There are some other rather nasty symptoms but those are the ones that come to mind.
"Hey, look, that guy just shat out his intestines in a huge gush of blood."
"Hmm. After thorough evaluation I have concluded that he has Ebola."
by Fugerko.? November 22, 2003
A level 4 pathogen, the Ebola virus is pound for pound the deadliest disease known to man. Ebola has a mortality rate of over 80%. There have been 4 outbreaks of Ebola and all of them have occured in Africa.
The ebola virus ate away all of his organs and caused internal and external bleeding.
by § July 19, 2004
A disease in which the Zaire strain could totally own the entire fucking world. 90% casualty rate. it liquifies your collagen, so you skin basically will fall apart or become bruised very easily. It replicates and acts so quickly that you are dead within three weeks of contraction. You spew virus particles, and your blood runs black with the infection.
OMFG i just got ebola!
Wtf Mate!
by Cannibalized May 24, 2005
A very deadly disease which the original host is unknown. Ebola was first recognized in 1976. There are four known subtypes of the Ebola virus, Ebola-Zaire which kills 90% of people, Ebola-Sudan which kills 50% of people, Ebola-Ivory Coast, and Ebola Restin which is not fatal in humans. Ebola causes people to spew blood and other fluids out of every orifice of their body, and is transmitted by these fluids.
You have Ebola, have fun spewing out your innards
by MetalMoe May 26, 2004
ebola is a filovirus that causes almost certain death in primates. there are currently 4 knowen strains of this virus.
Ebola Sudan-this strand causes a 7 out of 10 fatality rate in humans. the two out breaks of this disease where in sudan in 1976 and 1979
Ebola Zaire-the most deadly of the strains, cause a 9 out of 10 mortality rate in humans. the outbrakes of this strain were in 1972, 1976, 1977, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1996
Ebola Ivory Coast- i dont know any thing about this strain
Ebola Reston-deady to primates except humans, for some reason unknown to us this strain causes no symptoms in a human. however it is so similar to ebola zaire that they are almost indestinguishable.
ebola is a new and deadly filovirus.
by hamalnamal November 27, 2004
AKA the Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

Possibly the only Virus that can Kill off mankind Makes AIDS look like childsplay

Ebola that can easily wipe out earths population can be spread both by blood and Air it is well known that ebola can easily wipe out almost every countries population but the fact the the virus is quickly contained by Elite WHO Scientists (World Health Organization)and the bodies are burned /cremated Seconds after death greatly slows its process of spreading

it was first reported in 1976

You Bleed from every single orifices including your eyes

Your insides liquify

All Ebola cases are treated by a Special Team of UN scientists and Doctors after after the patient dies samples are taken and sent to special Unknown labs

Ebola outbreaks are usually small and contained immediately the fear of it spreading and the destruction power that virus holds in is unimaginable

CDC labs across US have the virus
It is quite possible that the Ebola virus could be used as a biological weapon

EV is the virus you rarely hear about however there is a total blackout whenever an outbreak occurs
Only God knows how powerful the ebola virus really is

i wouldn't be surprised if Ebola virus could wipe out 600 million people

Ebola Virus makes SARS, and H1N1 (bird flu ) look like bitches

I would rather get Brain Cancer,AIDS,Lung Cancer,HIV,SARS,Bird Flu, Mad Cow disease all combined in ONE, than even suffer a minute of this horrible Virus

''Lord Please that thing away form me'' says a horrified Jim after reading about ebola virus on wikipedia

Ebola virus the sleeping virus what is it's true potential? no one knows
by Please stop it April 25, 2014