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A myth, think about what ebay really is, a seller of add space on the internet. To say there is an ebay community makes as much sense as saying there is a times classified adds community. Think about what paypal is a money transference service. If paypal is part of a community then so is western union, and mastercard. Ebay likes to use the word community to make you feel warm, fuzzy, and safe. You may be warm and fuzzy but you are not safe. A community is a group of people with personal ties and mutual interests that makes them look out for each other. Ebay is a collection of buyers and sellers each pursuing their own self interest. A community controls, but also protects its' members, a lot of ebay refugees would tell you ebay doesn't really control or protect anyone. Many of ebays protections look got on paper, but are useless in the real world. Ebay is not a teddybears picnic,it is a walk in the woods and there are dangerous things in the woods, so be careful.
Why does Mr Whipple thrive ripping off ebay community members? How come so many members of the ebay community call other members of the community scamers,and liers. The only thing ebay community members seem to have in common is the belief that other members will try to use ebay,and paypal to scam them.
by mikie the yorkie March 12, 2008
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