A place with loads of stolen material, some cited, some not. Eric Baumen puts his ebaumsworld watermark on every piece of material he gets. YTMND is similar to Eric Bauman of Ebaumsworld, but Ebaumsworld is much worse. YTMND users steal images from other sites, such as 4chan and SomethingAweful (most just use "google" as their source; just as bad as not crediting the original author at all). When users leave their sources blank, they are either: 1. lazy or 2. trying to credit other material as their own. If it is left blank, it supposed to be assumed that the creater of the page created that image or sound. However, YTMND can be classified as more original, since they take those images they find and mold them into quite humerous "fads" and other jokes. Some even create entirely new images from scratch, such as "Color ME YTMND."
I got bored with the current daily media on Ebaumsworld, so I went to YTMND to make me laugh.
by Ronald, lol November 06, 2006
eBaums World is an imageboard that is so lifelessly soul-less and lacking any excitement whatsoever. Its a place where people who havent heard of more, mysterious, fun, and cool, places will go to get their daily lulz
I use the term, lulz loosely as there arent many to be had there except if you are a retard. They try too hard and look too corporate. It's like an executive board of directors sits round debating which are the coolest or funniest images or something
lulzr1: Hey WTF? how can anyone think ebaums world is funny?
lulzr2: Do you have a head injury or work in a office like them people over there that kiss boss ass?

lulzr1: no
lulzr2: right well they dont know better than any other moron not to post there, be thankfull you do, jonny !
and BTW I loved your cool tankshot
by proud2 May 21, 2008
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Except maybe at 4chan
Ebaums World is chock full of thieves, scum, racists, and such.
by Furlong284 January 20, 2008
a website full of stolen media, mostly stolen from newgrounds which is updated every minute or so up to 200 a day, when ebaumsworld is updated once a week.
ebaumsworld sucks

ebaums world is teh gheyzor

A Unoriginal place that steals every good thing on the Internet and claims it as their own. So far they stole from: YTMND, Something's Awful, Albino Blacksheep and pretty much any popular site. Known For a lot of controversity.
This site (Ebaum's world) stole my flash!
by Nbsno4 April 08, 2007
One of the many mass media websites for entertainment while bored. Often blamed for stealing media from other websites by the idiots who don't realize that every website out their steals media, and also don't realize that most of the "stolen" things were submitted by the users, not Eric Brauman.

A convenient website with a collection of most of the internet's media all on one website making it easier to browse everything, rather than having to go between multiple sites.
"I'm bored, might as well check FunnyJunk.com or EbaumsWorld."

"Most of the content that EBaumsWorld steals is from websites whom the author just found their media randomly on the internet as well. Stop crying, it doesn't affect you or anyone in any way you crybaby trolling pussies."
by ERoy December 13, 2008
Website about to be made into TV show. Ebaumsworld gets more hits than any other video website.
Eric Bauman is a role model for slackers. he dropped out of high school, stole content from other sites, and will now be a millionare because of it. Ebaumsworld is the shiz.
by bigshow8895 February 05, 2006
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